GPS (Global Positioning System) is a global positioning system,
which allows to determine the three-dimensional location of
each earth, water or air object, 24 hours a day, regardless of
weather conditions.


What makes us better?

GPS Solution is a fully autonomous system which provides complete control and management solution for small, medium and enterprise commercial fleets. It is designed for commercial clients operating in a vast spectrum of business fields. The quality, versatility and scalability of our product combine all the features, flexibility and performance you need to take your growing business to the next level. Trusted by hundreds of businesses, some of the key advantages GPS Solution offers include military precision vehicle tracking in real time, routes archive and extensive reports, as well as repair expenses, technical service, fuel and working time optimisation tools. Our innovative software platform also offers a multi-user access system for data control and management which allows all operations to be carried out in real time, both in local network environment as well as remotely.